Septic Pumping Newcastle

newcastle-septic-pumpingNothing can wreck the beauty of a gorgeous Newcastle neighborhood quicker than a flooded septic system or sand filter.

Did you know that you are suppose to make sure to call for septic tank pumping around every three years?

You might need to do it even more often if you have more than just a few people using your bathrooms or showers.

Some people think that they are suppose to wait until the high level alarm goes off on their septic control box, and then call for septic tank pumping.

The alarm just lets you know that you are dangerously close to having your sewer back up into your beautiful Newcastle home.

Unfortunately, a small back up into your home could be the least of your worries if the lack of septic tank service causes damage to your sand filter.

Sometimes those repairs can exceed $30,000.00 not to mention the foul smell it causes.

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Newcastle Tank Pumping

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Did you know that if you have a garbage disposal, you’ll need to call for septic tank pumping even more often than the normally recommended once every three years?

Using a garbage disposal adds to the sludge on the bottom of your tank that doesn’t ever get pumped out to your drain field or sand filter.

As that sludge grows, it leaves less and less room for the lighter liquids that can be pumped out to your drain field, and fills up your tank faster and faster.

Keep careful eyes on your system if you use a garbage disposal.

Clean Septic System in Newcastle

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