Orting Septic Systems Require Ongoing Maintenance


Regular and proper maintenance of private septic systems in Orting, WA properties is a must. Without timely septic tank maintenance, the sewer lines can get clogged and start backing up into the building.

Health risks for the inhabitants can be created due to the sewage as well as possible contamination of the soil or water. Hiring Scott's Septic Service for ongoing maintenance of septic systems is the best way that property owners can safeguard their loved ones against the hazards of inefficient wastewater management on their property.

We offer complete septic tank service that includes:

  • Non-invasive, electronic location of septic system
  • Septic tank cleaning and pumping
  • Inspection of septic tank for damage and other issues

If necessary, our technicians can also perform tank repair for septic systems in Orting homes.

Septic Tank Maintenance for Orting Septic Systems


The key to keeping septic systems running efficiently is for property owners to know how often they should call in septic tank maintenance professionals. Then, they have to remember to schedule it on time.

The proper septic tank service frequency differs from home to home. The generally recommended interval for septic tank cleaning is every 3-5 years. However, the exact interval depends on the size of tank, amount of water consumption on the property and number of people using the system daily.

We can help you create the right septic tank maintenance schedule for your Orting property. More importantly, we ensure handling of your septic tank maintenance job in the most efficient and professional manner.

You can sit back and relax, knowing that your septic tank service will be done:

  • Diligently, with a detail-oriented approach
  • By suitably trained technicians
  • Using a powerful, state-of-the-art septic truck

Why Choose Us When You Need Septic Tank Service in Orting?


Septic systems are important and expensive installations in properties that are not connected to the city sewer system. Property owners should make sure to choose the right professionals for septic tank maintenance and servicing so that their investment goes a long way.

We are one of the best places to call for septic tank service in Orting. Aside from offering services by a seasoned crew, we:

  • Are available 7 days a week
  • Behave courteously
  • Work with the utmost professionalism
  • Give top priority to customer satisfaction

Additionally, we strive to keep the septic tank service cost to a minimum for our customers by charging competitive prices and offering multi-home discounts.

Get in touch with Scott's Septic Service to schedule a septic tank maintenance job in your Orting home. Call 253-261-3453.