South Hill Septic Systems Require Ongoing Maintenance


All commercial and residential septic systems require regular servicing. Properly maintained septic systems can save plenty of money and hassles down the road.

The maintenance generally includes inspecting all the components of the systems and pumping out the tank every few years. Scott's Septic Service is committed to providing excellent maintenance service for septic systems of all sizes in South Hill, WA and its surrounding areas.

To ensure your septic systems are serviced to the highest quality standards, we have invested in the latest equipment and technology. By keeping their septic systems well-maintained, we help our clients avoid septic emergencies.

We offer:

  • Fast responses
  • Professional workmanship
  • Great customer service

Septic Tank Maintenance for South Hill Septic Systems


Sludge that builds up at the bottom of the septic tank must be regularly pumped out. How frequently you need septic tank pumping depends on various factors, such as:

  • Tank size
  • Number of property occupants
  • Septic system usage

Let us develop a custom septic tank maintenance plan for your property. We are a septic tank maintenance company serving South Hill and its surrounding areas.

We pride ourselves on providing quality septic tank maintenance service at competitive pricing. Our septic tank maintenance services can keep your septic systems working efficiently and reliably all year round.

Why Choose Us When You Need Septic Tank Service in South Hill?


Most property owners only need to schedule septic tank service every 3 to 5 years. If your septic system is working properly, it can be easy to overlook the importance of regular septic tank service.

However, putting off septic tank service for too long can cause messy and costly backup. Regular septic tank service can help South Hill residents reduce their risk of expensive property damage.

Whether you have a commercial or residential septic system, a regular septic tank service is essential to keep things flowing smoothly. A few ways to tell that it is time to schedule a septic tank service include noticing:

  • Foul odors
  • Puddles of water
  • Slow working drains
  • Sewage back-up

If you are noticing these or any other signs, call us for a septic tank service in South Hill. We have helped many property owners, like you, increase the overall efficiency and lifespan of their systems with professional septic tank cleaning and maintenance.

For more information on our septic tank maintenance services for South Hill homes and business properties, please call Scott's Septic Service at (206) 512-8701 today.