Septic Tank Pumping in Federal Way


Septic Tank Pumping in Federal Way can be a tricky job. septic-tank-pumping-federal-way-wa

Especially if your Federal Way home happens to be close to the water, or down one of those long angled driveways that Federal Way can be famous for.

However, don’t panic!

Scotts Septic Service has been providing specialized septic tank service to the Federal Way neighborhood and its surrounding areas for nearly 10 years now.

And Scotts Septic Service doesn’t stop at just septic tank pumping and septic tank service:

        • Real Estate Inspections
        • Electronic Tank Locating
        • Riser Installation
        • Baffles Repaired and Installed
        • Light Excavation

Federal Way Septic Cleaning

While Scotts Septic Service has all the equipment and experience to do the job correctly, if that was all that mattered, we’d be no better than most of the other companies that you see big flashy adds for.

We feel that it is our adherence to the ideal that the customer always comes first, that sets us apart from the rest of our competition.

We want you to come away from your experience with us, whether it was septic tank pumping, or any of our other septic tank services, with the understanding that we will take care of you from start to well after finish.

When we gain a client, we gain one for life!

federal-way-septic-cleaningOne example is our electronic tank locating service.

Where some companies require that you have your tank located and unburied before they will even grace your yard with a truck, Scotts Septic Service offers electronic tank locating as a separate service that we’ll bring with us, saving you time and hassle from having to deal with multiple companies and their arrival times.

Our electronic locating septic tank service is a small transmitter that we actually send down your sewer pipes and into your septic tank.

We then can probe the ground above the signal for the lid area.

Pumping Septic Tanks in Federal Way

Its all the little things that Scotts Septic Service does just to ensure the best possible experience for our clients that set us apart from the rest.

Let us show you the way that septic tank pumping and septic tank service was meant to be done.

So next time you need septic tank pumping or septic tank service, don’t get fooled by all the flashy adds and cute TV commercials, call Scotts Septic Service today and experience why we have been building loyal clients and friends in the Federal Way area for nearly 10 years now.